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1655656_10152399412295841_4892231442508613785_oHi, my name is Jessi. I’m twenty-something and I live in Brisbane, Australia with a badly behaved cat named Scout.

I love food, personal development books and travel, have a fear of scuba diving and goannas (although I do my best to battle both), and my life is a constant struggle between wanting to stay in bed with tea, but also wanting to climb a mountain. Followed by tequila shots.

This blog is where I write about my life, ideas and interests in my efforts to collect as much fun, happiness, experiences and memories as possible.

The name of my blog is a line from the song I was named after, but also a way of life – you can read more about that here.

If you’d like to contact me because:

  • I’ve offended you ):
  • You’d like to know more about something I’ve posted;
  • You’d like to be friends 😀
  • Or you’d like to talk business,

Please shoot me an email at fullofliving@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you very soon.

As of 15 January 2017 my current social media stats are:

Twitter: 875 followers
Instagram: 2,710 followers
Bloglovin’: 146 followers

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