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A few weeks ago I woke up and realised I was an adult. And it was weird.

Even though I moved out of home at 18 and have been supporting myself ever since, it always felt a little like I was playing dress ups, because I wasn’t finished with the whole growing up thing – I still had to finish uni, get a full time job, stop living in sharehouses.

But then a couple of weeks ago I was getting ready for work and realised that somewhere in between my maintained love of Disney and stuffed toys, all of those things had happened (although the whole degree thing doesn’t feel real). “The rest of my life” has started, and I’m about to spend the next 40 or so years in a pretty similar routine. I don’t have a problem with this because I love my life, but still – eek!

This prompted a bit of epiphany-sharing to friends, and it turns out that we all had that realisation at very different points. Some felt like adults a few years ago when they became young (and totally fantastic) mothers or when they moved overseas. Others are still waiting for that moment.

In my mission to find out when other people had that when-did-this-happen-moment, I also asked a couple of other lovely bloggers in very different countries and life situations when theirs were (spoiler: a lot seem to revolve around cars). Check out their “moments” below:

“When I didn’t need a co-signer to rent an apartment!”
Lisa (A Dash of Lisa)

“There are a few experiences I could say that made me realise I was an adult (or at least doing adult things!) but the most prominent had to be the end of my first long-term relationship. I was 19, it was my first love and I was absolutely heartbroken. It made me realise that people change so much throughout their life and sometimes, grow to be a person you don’t know – and that is a very scary and adult thing to grasp! I learnt that you can’t rely on someone else for your own happiness, you need to find it within yourself; and no matter how bad the situation is, always take something positive from it. Be your own best friend and focus all that negative energy on something amazing – your past doesn’t need to define you. I would also mention that seeing the amount of tax that gets taken from my paycheck reminds me I am an adult every month haha!”
– Holly (The Article of Style)

“I think it would have been the day the car was packed ready to leave home. I job searched as soon as I finished schoolies and left home straight after my 18th. I left not knowing a single person in Wollongong with $50 to my name and a paid off car. So I had to adult straight away!
– This was my friend Jono. He’s not a blogger 😛

“About six months after I graduated from college I was heading back home from a weekend in my college town. I hit a curb in my car and ended up with a flat tire. After I got the donut put on my car, I drove to at least 5 shops pleading with workers to help me out and no one would because they close early on Sundays. Thankfully, I finally found a Goodyear that would stay open late to help me out (even though they charged a ridiculous amount)! That day, I learned about the importance of having a savings account and planning for unexpected incidences. Oh, and did I mention it was my birthday? I definitely felt like an adult that day.”
Kristi Case

“When I realised paying back student loan debt would be my ULTIMATE responsibility”
– Neosha (It’s Rated N Gee)

“I work a big-kid job where my coworkers and I joke non-stop on how I have no know idea what to do when it comes to ‘adulting’. Despite my best efforts- things like taxes, insurance, etc have hit me several times blind. ‘Adulthood’ first started when car was hit by a drive by and completely totalled. When I finally got my insurance settlement I had do go buy another vehicle- but this time ownership and insurance were fully under my name and not my mothers. Finally, she couldn’t use “you’re driving me car” as an unreasonable ultimatum when debating going home for a Sunday dinner when I had a paper due the next day. Not that I have ever been irresponsible, but I have always had the opportunity to fall back on my parents. I suppose you would feel more like an adult when you no longer have anything to fall back to.”
– Stefania (The Something New)

“I’d like to say that I first felt like an adult when I became pregnant with my first son or when I gave birth to him. But the exact moment that it actually sunk in was when we brought him home from the hospital and we had no power because of a hurricane that had just hit while he was born. Walking into the house with a newborn and trying to figure out how to get things done without power was my ‘ok, this is it’ moment. I needed to do whatever it took to give this little bundle what he needed. Mom mode kicked in, even though I had no clue what I was doing, and somehow we made it through.”
– Anna (Pepper & Life)

Can you relate to any of the above? I’d love to hear about when you had “that” moment!

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