#trustinhumanityTuesday: Hunter Valley Floods

faith in humanity restored newcastle floods volunteers

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faith in humanity restored newcastle floods volunteers

This week’s Trust In Humanity Tuesday is a super quick one – slightly heavy and not as cutesy as the rest of my blog, but something that I felt like I needed to write about.

For anyone outside Australia (or in the parts of Aus where this isn’t being covered) the area I grew up in is currently in the middle of some very severe weather, with damaging winds, devastating floods, and a couple of random hail storms. Electricity and communication is down in large parts of the region, houses have been destroyed, and several people have lost their lives – all hard to believe when Brisbane had such perfect weather today.

As horrible as all of this is, times like these seriously bring out the wonderful sides of people as well. Even though I haven’t been directly affected by these storms, I am so grateful of people who are pitching in to help strangers – from people like my grandfather, who has been sharpening chainsaws for the local rural fire brigade, to the young guys who risked themselves to help elderly people clinging to gutters as their homes went under, and the families who are offering their running water, dry blankets and working phones to those who have been cut off.

And of course, a huge thank you to our volunteers. The firefighters and State Emergency Service crew members, who go through training and give up their time for no pay at all – just to help others through some scary stuff later down the track. In a week of sad news stories and the Kylie Jenner challenge, you guys are much needed legends.

My thoughts are with the victims and their families, and with anyone in that awful stage of not knowing – I hope you find comfort soon.faith in humanity restored newcastle floods volunteers

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