Trust in Humanity Tuesday: More Love Letters

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More Love Letters first blipped onto my radar around halfway through my final year at uni. People were taking to the largest student Facebook group with photos of letters they found around campus in the lead-up to exams – nice little notes of encouragement tied together with the hashtag #moreloveletters.

More Love Letters is the baby of Hannah Brencher, who once asked a very simple question on her blog ( “do you need someone to write you a love letter today?”) after realising so many people were going through tough times alone. It’s a movement dedicated to spreading love around the world to those who need it most, using old-fashioned letters – who said kindness (or handwriting) was dead?

You can join in on and help spread love in one of three ways:

  1. Submit a ‘letter request‘ on behalf of a friend who needs some love, encouragement and belief
    Write in to More Love Letters and you could see them become swamped with care and understanding from people across the world.
  2. Check out the letter requests and write a response
    At the time of writing, recipients in need of love are a soon-to-be mum, a couple who just lost a child, a young man with Aspergers and a women going through a divorce. Find a story that speaks to you, then put pen to paper and tell them why. Whether you can sympathise or empathise, sometimes it takes a stranger to say the right thing.
  3. Scatter love letters around your city
    More Love Letters’ early stages consisted of Hannah leaving journal pages and letters around New York. Write notes of positivity and encouragement – whether universal or something you wish someone had said to you once upon a time – and leave them in books, on buses, or pop them into your neighbours’ mailboxes. If you hope they’ll pay it forward, write #moreloveletters in the corner so they can find the movement. Click here for inspiration.
Sample letters that have been left and found around the world - click the picture for more.
Sample letters that have been left and found around the world – click the picture for more.

I love the everyday, anonymous, pure kindness of the movement, and that it’s also promoting the more personal tradition of letter-writing. I’m also hooked on doing the final option.

I’d love to know if you’ve ever found (or left) a note like this in your area, and challenge you to do one of the above in the next week. Let me know how you go!

Check out More Love Letters here

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