#TrustInHumanityTuesday: Matt & Bro Orange

#trustinhumanityTuesday is a new series which brings you the best feel-good moments to be found across the internet. Want to find out the back story (and why it happens on Tuesday)? Click here.


The story of Buzzfeed staffer Matt and “Bro Orange” is my favourite heart-warming find from last week.

If you haven’t come across it yet I won’t ruin the plot (because this truly reads like a ridiculous short story) but basically, Matt got his phone stolen, he became famous in China, and made a lifelong friend with a father-of-four he could barely understand.

You might be wondering how the hell this is #trustinhumanityTuesday-worthy – after all, this whole thing pans out from a dude’s phone getting stolen in a bar – but the weird and wonderful series of events holds lessons on the following:

  • The power of social media, and its potential to be used for good.
  • How much there is to learn in from the differences between cultures (I really like Matt’s comment on paying respect to ancestors).
  • And despite those differences, and the languages, geography and history that form them, we’re not all that dissimilar – everyone’s human, and it’s totally possible to be fast friends with someone “different” to you.
  • Something good can come from every sucky situation.

As I said, I’m not going to ruin the story for you, as Matt obviously tells the story so much better. Click here or hit the big orange (ha) button below to read the full tale.

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