Trust in Humanity Tuesday #10, now with added baby animals

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Lazy Saturdays with @collectivehub and this rascal
Looks innocent enough here, but it’s all an act.

This week has been one of serious ups and downs. So I don’t know about you, but despite having a pretty good day today I’m in serious need of a Tuesday pick-me-up, and reminder that not everyone is a total dick. I’ve also thrown in cute animal pictures, because cute animal pictures.

In honour of Scout finally being flea-free (seriously, where did she pick them up?!), healthy, happy and way too freaking boisterous as a result, I’d like to dedicate this #TrustinHumanityTuesday to three of my favourite smile-inducing social media accounts, run by wonderful people who inconvenience (but also enrich, I’m sure) their own lives to rescue and take care of not one but several furry menaces.


1. #Squadgoals (i.e. @wolfgang2242, via Instagram)Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.54.24 pm

You’ve possibly seen shots of these guys getting around on Upworthy, Buzzfeed and Humans of New York. @Wolfgang2242 is the Instagram profile of a legend called Steve, who hangs with his adopted crew of rescues and misfits, including a handful of birds, a pig called Bikini, a rabbit named Stuart, and 8 dogs, many of whom are elderly, disabled, and weren’t exactly the most sought after puppies in the pound. My personal favourites are Englebert and Loretta. Seriously worth a follow.

2. Rocky Ridge Refuge – Facebook

Image: Rocky Ridge Refuge

I came for Butterbean the English bull terrier (pictured), and stayed for the never-ending parade of pigs, possums, puppies, deer, tortoises, puppies, horses, puppies and more that Joyce adopts and fosters. There’s even an emu called Tiffany (seriously, where did she find an emu in the US?). Rocky Ridge are insanely dedicated and run crazy cross-country missions to rescue animals who need it, and are singe-handedly responsible for me learning what a capybara is (even if I keep thinking they’re called chupacabras)

3. Little Legs Cat RescueTrust in Humanity Tuesday Little Legs Cat Rescue

Until the unexpected pregnancy of my coworker’s cat essentially dropped Scout in my lap, I was sure I was going to adopt a cat from Little Legs (I probably still will – Brandon has already admitted being open to cat 2.0). The thing I love about Little Legs is that the lovely people  who run it, like founder Nikki Chapple ensure every kitty is in a loving foster home while they wait to be adopted – no kill, and no cold shelter floors either – and often have to see them leave.

Special mention also goes to the many incredibly families who raise guide dogs and have to give up their puppies.

I’d love to hear what brightened your day today!

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