Trust in Humanity Tuesday no.15: Sharing The Dignity and One Hell of an Iron Woman

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Trust In Humanity Tuesday no. 15

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a great week. Having two long weekend’s in a row definitely helped (thank you Queensland and your enthusiasm for public holidays), but I feel like my last 7 days have been filled with happy, genuine people. While it means I’m not in need of a little Trust In Humanity Tuesday loving as much as usual, it’s made it so easy to find the good and share it for those who do. Read on for what’s restored my faith in humanity this week.

Turia Pit

Because holy shit this woman is amazing. Seriously. I’m not sure how widely known she is outside Australia (if at all) but Turia is an athlete who suffered burns to 65% of her body after getting caught in a bushfire while competing in an ultra marathon. Five years ago she couldn’t walk, and yesterday she completed an effing IRON MAN. In other words – a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42.2km run all in one go. Her determination and spirit is incredible.

People who look out for their friends, and who give money to help strangers.

As I type this Brandon is tapping away at his computer, putting together a GoFundMe campaign for one of his friends, a 31 year old father of four who has recently been diagnosed with quite severe cancer. This friend helped Brandon out a lot years ago (including bailing him out money-wise when things were less than rosy) so now Brandon and some other friends are doing their best to help with the financial pressure of that bitch cancer treatment. While he was putting it together I was browsing through similar campaigns on GoFundMe and found so many examples of people giving their all to raise money for a friend, and kind strangers willing to put money towards helping someone they’ve never met. I love the way crowd-funding works – $10 isn’t much out of your pocket, but if 100 strangers like you all throw it in it can make a massive difference in someone’s life.

Share The Dignity

I’ve mentioned Share The Dignity on Twitter and Instagram before, but as we’re now at the end of their massive April donation drive I wanted to give this incredible organisation another shout out and congratulations on what they achieved last month. After reading about homeless women who were having to choose between food and feminine hygiene products on Mamamia (say what you like about Mia Freedman and that site – they get shit done) a Brisbane mum set up Share The Dignity, which collects donations of pads and tampons to distribute to these women. Best of all they make it super easy to donate and help out, with collection bins at local chemists and supermarkets so you can just buy an extra pack for the price of a coffee and drop it in.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.59.37 pm

Brisbane’s Buddha Birthday Festival

Last night was my second time attending the Buddha Birthday festival here in Brisbane. Fireworks and incredible authentic food aside, I love the way Brisbane throws itself wholeheartedly into everything and brings people from different cultures together – the number of people participating in not just the food and music but in Buddhist seminars and workshops that would be well out of the familiar for them was so great to see.

Trust In Humanity Tuesday no.15 - I love the way that Brisbane embraces other cultures , like with our massive Buddha Birthday Festival

Khloe Kares

Khloe Kares is a charity founded by an eight year old in the US, who I heard of for the first time today. After walking past the same homeless women everyday, Khloe and her grandma got to work sewing sturdy bags and filling them with basic necessities like toothbrushes, tampons and socks. And she’s not stopping there, with a toy drive in the works. Again, she’s 8 – if that doesn’t motivate you to get up and help out I don’t know what will.

What’s given you the warm-and-fuzzies and restored (or reassured) your faith in people this weekend?

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