The Opposite of Same-Old-Same-Old


Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately! It’s been a hectic few weeks with a lot of stress and the cold from hell. BUT when I stop to think about it some pretty cool stuff has happened too.

Sometimes life can feel a bit work-eat-sleep-repeat (even if you love your job, it can happen) but when I stop and think I’ve actually been doing a lot of things for the first time – and doing new things is the exact opposite of same-old-same-old.

Feeling in a rut? Get out and try something new, or even just comb through what you’ve been getting up to lately – whether it’s cooking something for the first time, getting coffee from a different café, taking a different route with a task at work or taking a new class at the gym, you could have done something out of the ordinary this week without realizing it.

Here are just a couple of the “first times” I’ve had since my last post.

1. My first bagel
Yes, really, I’d never had one. In my head they were stale bread rolls with a hole in the middle – not particularly appealing. But I was at the ANZAC Day parade with a friend (who had never been to parade before – yay new things!) and we were starving, and about the only place we could get to without wading through a crowd was The Bagel Boys. Being a sweet tooth I got the blueberry bagel with cream cheese, and it’s come close to repeatedly being my low-carb undoing ever since.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.51.13 pm

2. My first rugby union game
Being raised on rugby league, I’ve never been to an AFL game and until recently had never been to a union match either soooo when I was asked if I wanted to go to a Reds vs Hurricanes game, I happily said ”what the hell” and went along. Queensland lost, I didn’t understand what was going on 96% of the time and the kid behind me had some serious screaming skills, but there was beer, atmosphere, 4% that I understood and a new experience. We also went to a bar I’d never been to afterwards. Winning.

3. My first time pet shopping
I’m getting a kitten in 2 weeks! Which means lots of shopping that I didn’t account for. I’ve had a lot of pets in my life – rabbits to fish to dogs to goats – but I’ve never been totally responsible (financially or otherwise) for them before. Our old cat was also entirely outdoors and independent, so I was clueless about all the contraptions indoor cats apparently need. But I bought almost everything she needs for less than $100 AND all the profits went to the RSPCA – check out World For Pets next time you’re shopping.

The little one on the left will be mine in two weeks! Still need to pick a name...
The little one on the left will be mine in two weeks! Still need to pick a name…

4. My first time at Buddha Birth Day Festival
Even when I lived in South Bank, I never went to the Buddha festival. I was missing out. Gorgeous lanterns, dancing, a really awesome live musician (seriously, who was that girl? Greatest covers I’ve heard in a long time) and the food. Oh my gosh the food. Rows of market stalls manned by the Buddhist equivalent of a ladies church committee. Gourmet? No. But so much authentic, homemade dumplings, satay and noodles.

What have you done for the first time this week? Or have you got something planned for the weekend? I’d love to hear about it!

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