This is why we CAN have nice things – why a JORD wooden watch is my new essential

How a wooden watch is making my life easier (yes, really).


One of the reason I’m so big on improvement and development is that I’m actually a bit useless at the whole adult thing. I like being lazy, I’m pretty careless and I’m definitely not elegant – the phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things” could have been invented by my mother or partner to describe me.

When hiking I will scoot across a boulder on my butt and tear a hole in my tights.

I cringe when people buy me nice earrings, because I know there’s a solid chance I’ll pack them for a holiday and one of them will never return.

That’s why I get excited when I find something that is life proof (or at least Jessi-proof) but still looks sophisticated – letting me fool people into thinking I really have this whole professional adult thing down.

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On, Up, and Thanks For The Reality Checks


5 days ago, I resigned from a job that I love.

It’s a job that has given me three years of excitement, experience, free champagne and some great friends, but for a while now I’ve known that it wasn’t where I wanted to be for the rest of my life.

But as ‘carpe diem’ as I can be when it comes to skydiving, going to Japan for a long weekend and drinking kava from a plastic drum in a ni-Vanuatu lady’s front yard, I can be an absolute wimp when it comes to life’s big decisions. So if we want to be specific, that “while” has been six months of stressing about loyalty to my boss and that uniquely millennial first world problem of wondering if I was living up to my full potential and following my passion (side note: I don’t believe that everyone has a “passion” in life. But that’s a whole other post on its own) and if it was going to be a case of the-grass-is-greener.

But after a lot of back and forth a brilliant opportunity finally slapped me in the face, and in two weeks I start a great new job! As much as I love my old one, I’d been there since I was 19 so this is basically the start of a whole new era – one with a lot of potential for growth and the handy bonus of a lot more spare time for getting my butt (and my blog) back into shape. And I’m ridiculously happy.

Extra bonus: the team at the old job are all very happy for me.

I hope anyone else sitting on the fence (and in my own 6 months up there, I found a few of you) finds this and realises it’s time to jump. But the real reason for this post is to give a massive THANK YOU to the six people it took to push me off. Without the reality checks they delivered in one way or another, I’d probably still be up there – hopefully they can give you a shove too.

1, 2 & 3 – My mum, Brandon, and an ex-colleague named Laura
for convincing me that it was time to put myself first for a change, and that I’m well and truly young enough for some trial-and-error in the career department.

4 – Stefania from The Something New
I still don’t really know how Stefania stumbled across my Instagram over a year ago, but I’m so glad that she did. Stefania and her blog manage to put into words so many of the things that I believe about life and getting the most out of it, so almost every quote she posts seems to strike a chord. The one which she has annoyingly (but only because it prompted a change I was too wimpy to act on at first) repeated that finally tipped the scales was the below – so thank you Stefania (and Robin Sharma).


5 – Amber Hawken
Amber was one of my boot camp trainers years ago, and got me through a lot of tough times as a 19 year old fumbling my way through uni and a new city – usually by yelling at me to run faster up a hill (it worked), sometimes with coffee dates. I haven’t seen her in years, but thanks to her new ventures I still get the no-bullshit Amber brand of tough love, just through Youtube videos rather than boxing sessions. The below is the first one that I watched – it really ripped the rug out from under me and made me recognise my stimulus addiction (and why I had it), and I’m forever grateful.

6 – Phoebe from Little Grey Box
I’ve always loved Phoebe’s writing, and insane jealousy of her travels is probably the only reason I’m able to save any money at all. So a few months ago, just when I’d finally realised “maybe it’s time to move on,” I went along to her talk at the Apple Store in Brisbane. I can’t for the life of me remember what her words were exactly, but in speaking about leaving a desk job (admittedly not something I plan to do) she reinforced what I’d kinda-sorta-maybe started to think for myself – that even if you’re not 100% sure what the next step is and if it will work, that’s no reason to stay somewhere that isn’t the best place for you anymore. So thank you Phoebe! Now to just work out those braids…

Next step – try not to cry on my last day at the office, and to book myself back into boot camp!

If you’ve had any tough love reality checks lately, I’d love to hear about them xx



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Santorini in Too-Few Hours


I’mma be upfront with you all.

You know all of those beautiful cliff-top images of white washed walls and blue domes that we all expect from Santorini? Yep, none of that here. We didn’t make it to the village of Oia – pretty much a traveller’s sin, if the guide books are to be believed.

BUT GUESS WHAT! You can still find stunning views, cute stray cats, overpriced glasses of wine and opportunities to take awesome photos of yourself looking out over a cliff (i.e. have an awesome time) all over the island. Read on for photographic evidence of this, as well as a few of our volcano-hiking, sunset-viewing, donkey-dodging adventures in our 8 short hours on Santorini.

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Trust in Humanity Tuesday #12

#trustinhumanityTuesday is a regular series which brings you the best feel-good moments to be found across the internet. Want to find out the back story (and why it happens on Tuesday)? Click here.

Image: Sarah Yockey via
Image: Sarah Yockey via

It’s been a while since my last Trust in Humanity Tuesday post, but today I’m back with your weekly dose of not-everyone-is-a-total-dick positivity! Here are a few wonderful things that caught my eye since the last post instalment:

  1. The little girl who spent her allowance on ice cream for state troopers who had just farewelled a colleague.
  2. The store I stumbled on in a bad area of my city that put their leftover food out the front for those in need to take for free (I know they’re not the first to do it, but seeing it in person makes me happy).
  3. The 5-year-old boys who planned a great escape, dug their way out of their kindergarten and tried to buy a Jaguar – way to follow your dreams, kids.
  4. The Maccas employee in Chicago who not only shut down his register during peak hour to help an elderly customer, but had the sensitivity to go around the corner and give the man some privacy.
  5. The legends at a zoo in china who gave a bullied baby monkey his own guard dog (admittedly this happened in 2008, but I only just found out about it, and believe they’ve made the world a better place by allowing that photo to exist)

Did any random acts of kindness make you feel better about the world this month? I’d love to hear about it!

Jessi sig

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Photo Diary: Rome


And here it is, the first instalment from my recent getaway!

My time in Rome was really special for two reasons:

  1. I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog, but B had been working overseas, so we met over there after 5 months apart. Going on adventures with your favourite person is always amazing, but the reunion added to it, and there was something romantic (if cheesy) about being able to say “I’ll see you in Rome” and then meeting up on a cobblestone street.
  2. Until B arrived, it was my first time travelling alone overseas, and I loved exploring and wandering at my own pace. Even if the first day I was stupid enough to head straight out from the airport in jeans – no one told me Rome would be so hot!

We weren’t in the eternal city for very long (and we didn’t lug around the camera, so excuse the image quality – the rest of the trip was done properly!) but I did learn to always dodge ladies with budgies, that badly speaking Italian will still get you extra gelato just for trying, and that I have an impeccable knack for travelling to attractions when they’re under maintenance. I’d also like to note that these photos make it look like B didn’t change his shirt but I promise he did!

Below are some images of the incredible Piazza Venezia, failed selfies, Colosseum, a big ass seagull, Roman Forum, food and other loveliness, and below those are some quick details on what we saw, where we stayed, the food we stumbled on and more.

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Trust In Humanity Tuesday: ‘Unsung Hero’

#trustinhumanityTuesday is a new series which brings you the best feel-good moments to be found across the internet. Want to find out the back story (and why it happens on Tuesday)? Click here.

This is just a short and (super) sweet one. Below is one of the videos that I originally wanted to include when I introduced Trust In Humanity Tuesdays – I searched for ages but couldn’t remember enough to find it, and included Kid President’s Pep Talk instead (still an excellent video).

Although ‘Unsung Hero’ is an advertisement (for a Thai life insurance company) it’s super heartwarming and gives me goosebumps every time. Watch, learn, and follow suit – we might not get riches from it, but we’ll get emotions.

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Cirque Du Soleil: Totem (or, why I’m obsessed with acrobats)

Heads up - all of my images for this post (except the next one) have been taken from the  Cirque Du Soleil website as photography in the show is forbidden (and it should just be enjoyed, anyway).
Heads up – all of my images for this post (except the next one) have been taken from the Cirque Du Soleil website as photography in the show is forbidden (and it should just be enjoyed, anyway).

As soon as I learned that Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Totem’ was coming to Brisbane this year, it went straight onto my 2015 Bucket List (I really need to find a new name for this thing). My US and Canadian followers might wonder why this was such a big deal, but Cirque Du Soleil only comes to Australia once every 2-3 years – we can’t just go on a road trip to get our fix.

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Grant Some Wishes: Favourite Crowdfunding Projects


I am obsessed with crowdfunding websites. I love that anyone with an idea or cause can put it to the world, and people with money to burn can come along and help them launch their dream, support their families and in some cases, seriously improve the world. Or produce a Veronica Mars movie.

I love the moments of “anyone could have thought of that, but only this guy did” (like the Ship Your Enemies Glitter guy? $50 at Officeworks for glitter and envelopes turned into a business he sold for $85,000) and the sheer entertainment value of some of the weirder campaigns.

Unfortunately I’m yet to come up with my 50c business idea, so for now I’m just going to keep putting small donations towards other people’s projects (I also love that an insignificant $6 turns significant when hundreds of people give too). I’m all for supporting local small business, so here are some of my current favourite Australia-based Kickstarter and Pozible campaigns to get behind:

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