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Today, yet again, a lecturer delivered the “look around you – these are the people you will be competing with for jobs” line. Sometimes it feels like unless we’re being forced into dreaded group assignments, communication and journalism students are being pitched against each other.Student Bloggers - Jessimin Horder

So while I’m not saying I would give up a potential job for the sake of being nice (“oh why didn’t you tell me she’s applying – you should definitely give it to her”… #no), I’m definitely saying we should be encouraged to celebrate each other’s skills more often.

And so, here are my 3 favourite blogs from my “competitors”:

annabelle amos

Annabelle Amos (B.Comms/Journalism)
Annabelle wants to be a television journalist in regional Australia, and honestly,  I have absolutely no doubt that she will be.  I’ve worked with her on group assignments in the past and can tell you the girl is crazy-dedicated. Annabelle’s blog is journalistic in style, and both her writing skills and passion for telling the stories of rural Australia shine through – if you’re from the city, you’ll probably learn something new. You can also check out her impressive portfolio spanning from press releases to snippets of the TV work she did as an intern at Channel 10.
Click here for Annabelle’s blog



Ashley Hanger (B.Comms/Journalism)
Like Annabelle, I’ve worked with Ashley in group work at uni. She’s one of those people who always look so effortlessly lovely and polished that it makes me want to get up earlier in the mornings to put more work into my appearance (unsurprisingly I never do). Her blog is no different; SMASH is simple, gorgeous, and structured more like a magazine than your standard blog, with stunning photography and Ashley’s fantastic writing documenting everything from travels to Japan to events she attends in Brisbane and her portfolio of published work. She also backs it up with a Facebook page – follow it for happy bits of content that will make you smile, as well as reminders for when she’s made a new post.
Click here to visit SMASH


Lily Ball

Lily Ball (B.Comms.  And maybe something else, I can’t remember – sorry Lily!)
OK, so I’ve never worked with Lily, but we’ve been in a few classes together. Of the three, her blog is most similar to mine – memes, GIFs, occasional sarcasm. Her blog is largely a travel log with some very apt Mean Girls and Sex And The City references thrown in, from last year’s Euro Trip to her current exchange trip as a student at the University of Massachusetts. I’m loving her stories from the US – have a read for some great anecdotes and insights on being an Australian in what is supposed to be a similar country (and recommendations on where to get a great eyebrow wax here in Brisbane).
Click here to see what Lily has been up to

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    1. Oh my gosh, I know! Encouraging us to do our best is one thing but the way some people harp on about it just creates negativity – there’s nothing to say all the “connections” we’re encouraged to make can’t be at our own level!

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