Sneaky name change, and what it means to be “living”

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You might have noticed my blog’s name changed this week.

I still love the term “hurry up and wait,” and it worked very well for the girl I was in 2012 when my boyfriend was deployed to Afghanistan, I was waiting for life to start and I began this blog.

But it’s now 2015 and there’s very little waiting going on – I’m very much full steam ahead, both in terms of career, happiness, and just packing as much life as I can into the weeks/months/years.

So Full Of Living just works.

There are a lot of philosophies (and even more fantasy novels) that believe that names hold a lot of power. Power is a strong word, but I do believe they can put a lot of pressure on a person. Pressure on both the parents having to come up with a name that another human will have to wear for the rest of their lives, and for the children who are given big names to live up to.

Jessimin is a flower. Well, Murraya Paniculata, also known as Orange Jessamine, is a flower sort of like jasmine (please direct all enquiries regarding the spelling change to my mother). How much pressure can there be in being named after a flower, you ask?


Not much, except my mum didn’t get the name from looking at a tree. No, she got it from the song Jesamine (yay, more spelling variations) by The Casuals, about a girl called Jesamine/Jessamine/Jessimin, with the following lyrics:

“A butterfly child, so free and so wild, and so full of living.”

If you really want all the lyrics, then watch here:

So free and so wild. Bam. Pressure right there.

It’s almost asking for disaster, like naming your kid Storm or Danger, and he turns out to be a weedy little twig. I’m not particularly wild. I rarely go out drinking anymore and the one time I rode a motorbike I broke it (and not in a cool way – I think I sent it flying into a jasmine bush, ironically). For a while there I actually did feel bad for not being the butterfly child they named me for.

But this “full of living” business, I can work with. It’s something that I think I am.

I think we all have the idea that for someone to be “full of life” and “vivacious,” you have to be a very go-go-go extrovert who never sits still. But I prefer to think that to be full of life, you just have to be growing. Learning stuff, experiencing things and making memories. Being happy.

Everyone’s “living” is different. My 2015 Bucket List will give you an idea of what my living is – books, mountain climbing, language lessons, military fitness tests. For some people, there’d be no books, and a lot more vodka. For others, there’d be no physical challenges and a lot more reading.

There’s no rule, and no definition. Are you enjoying your life? You feel like you’re going somewhere? Yes? Good, you’re living.

Full of Living


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