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I umm-ed and aah-ed for a long time about whether or not to move my WordPress site to a new domain. I wasn’t sure if it was worth investing time (and money) into it, as I’m definitely not trying to make a career or even a profit out of this.

As you can see, after a very frustrating DIY job it’s here! Here’s why I eventually took the plunge:

  1. There’s nothing wrong with spending money on a hobby.
  2. It’s actually not that expensive! I think my domain name was only $10 (for two years) and hosting is around $8 a month. It all works out to a bit over $2 a week – less than a coffee! I’m using WordPress Hosting by GoDaddy until I work out exactly what I need.
  3. Moving means I’m now on a platform, which is what I’m used to using for work – no more frustratingly limited features!
  4. I now feel like it’s finally separate from the uni assignment/portfolio it started out as three years ago.

I was stubborn and was intent on working out how to do it myself, which ended up being harder than expected as
A) I have no idea how to use FTP and
B) all of the online guides only seemed to help if you already had your own domain, which if you’re like me and trying to move your site from to, doesn’t help.

Luckily I eventually found this page – How to Migrate your Blog from to a Personal Domain – on Digital Inspiration. It explained things very simple, and there was no FTP involved, but if you’re super worried about your SEO rankings, don’t use this method. 

Next stop – get a better handle on FTP and coding. If anyone knows of some tried and true resources, let me know!

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