Photo Diary: Rome


And here it is, the first instalment from my recent getaway!

My time in Rome was really special for two reasons:

  1. I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog, but B had been working overseas, so we met over there after 5 months apart. Going on adventures with your favourite person is always amazing, but the reunion added to it, and there was something romantic (if cheesy) about being able to say “I’ll see you in Rome” and then meeting up on a cobblestone street.
  2. Until B arrived, it was my first time travelling alone overseas, and I loved exploring and wandering at my own pace. Even if the first day I was stupid enough to head straight out from the airport in jeans – no one told me Rome would be so hot!

We weren’t in the eternal city for very long (and we didn’t lug around the camera, so excuse the image quality – the rest of the trip was done properly!) but I did learn to always dodge ladies with budgies, that badly speaking Italian will still get you extra gelato just for trying, and that I have an impeccable knack for travelling to attractions when they’re under maintenance. I’d also like to note that these photos make it look like B didn’t change his shirt but I promise he did!

Below are some images of the incredible Piazza Venezia, failed selfies, Colosseum, a big ass seagull, Roman Forum, food and other loveliness, and below those are some quick details on what we saw, where we stayed, the food we stumbled on and more.

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Rome – Quick Info

Travel time: It took me three flights and 26 hours to get from Brisbane to Fiumicino Airport, flying a combination of QANTAS and Emirates (I’m now a QANTAS convert – how very Australian of me).

Stayed: Hotel Dharma, Via Torino in Lazio – a very short walk to Termini station and most of the key attractions in Rome (cannot fault it, this hotel and its staff were amazing – you can tell I’m not a travel blogger because I forgot to take photos of it!).

Ate: A few little hole in the wall gelato and bread places, like Il Gelatone (this is where my bad Italian scored me extra gelato, while Brandon’s English saw his cup get levelled off). Dinner at Dodo Ristorante was great – it was something we stumbled across between our hotel and the Colosseum – tourist friendly without being tacky, and there were still Italians eating there!

Getting around: Lots and lots of walking! We both (at separate times) caught the Leonardo Express train from the airport to Termini (14 euro, about half an hour) which is better value and more likely to be airconditioned than a taxi, but that was the only public transport we used. We then ordered a private van to take us and the couple we were travelling with to Civitavecchia when it was time to move on.

Owe my survival to: Ulmon’s offline CityMaps2Go app, Rome edition – made life SO easy. Available on Android and iPhone.

Fell for: Everyone knows you don’t accept photos with the centurions outside the Colosseum, right? But no one ever warned me about ladies who will come up, put their cute pet birds on you without asking and then try to charge you 20 euro for the honour.


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