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I love foxes. Love them. Mum thinks it started with The Animals of Farthing Wood (anyone remember that show?) and The Fox & The Hound, and went from there.

At some point, foxes took over from deers as the hipster spirit animal of choice. Which is great sometimes, because it means fox stuff is everywhere – hello useless but very cute paper clips – but it can be hard to find pieces I actually like as the majority are too wispy/serious/dull/hipster.

I have no intention of buying a fixie or brewing my own beer anytime soon, so this is an appreciation post for one of the special few pieces of fox jewellery I’ve found that I can pull off without a beard or soy latte.

For months now I’d been eyeing off a necklace at Co Design, a small boutique that shares a space with one of my favourite cafes. Made by Bowerbird Australia, it’s a little fox that’s made to look like origami – and today I gave in and bought it.


Bowerbird’s jewellery is all made from sterling silver, and coated in rhodium – the super shiny but hard-to-scratch stuff. There’s absolutely no nickel used, which is great for the many people (me included) who have an allergic reaction to it (nickel is one of the leading causes of contact dermatitis – nothing serious, but sometimes painful and very annoying).


The range includes origami animals from giraffes to cats to dinosaurs, all available in two necklace sizes (mine is the smaller – sits just below my collarbone and is the perfect length for work-appropriate necklines) and stud earrings. Bonus for the animals lovers out there: every piece of Bowerbird jewellery sold gives two weeks of food, water, shelter and any required medical assistance to a rescued factory farm animal at Edgars Mission.

Click here to check out their full range – and if anyone wants to buy me the parrot earrings I won’t object.

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