My 2016 Bucket List

Below is my list of things I want to do in 2016. It is by no means exhaustive, and will be added to/updated as the year goes on. For my 2015 explanation of this list and why I’m doing it (and why it’s different to resolutions) click here 🙂

  1. Read an average of 1.5 books per month (hopefully many more!) – you can track that here
  2. Climb Mount Warning
  3. Climb 3 other mountains:
    1. Mt Coolum
    2. Mt Ninderry
  4. Do a sake bomb
  5. Go paddle-boarding
  6. Go to QAG/GoMA once per season
  7. Complete a 2000 piece puzzle
  8. Go camping (it’s been way too long!)
  9. Start Japanese lessons
  10. Complete the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain workbook by Betty Edwards
  11. Buy at least two things from two different (and deserving) Etsy sellers – must have made the products themselves.
  12. Buy flowers for at least one person every month
    January – check
    February – check
     March – check
    April – check
    May – check
    June – whoops
    July – check (for a friend changing jobs)
    August – check (for mumsy’s birthday)
    September – check
    October – check
  13. Finally get the tattoo I’ve wanted for years.
  14. Be able to do the splits again
  15. Complete a BFA
  16. Go to the drive in movies
  17. Deliberately go to at least one concert/gig (live music at a bar I’m already at doesn’t count)
  18. Work out how to contour (although I’m sure it will be out of style again by then!)
  19. Make 5 different sangria/cocktail jugs
  20. Try to take part in #moreloveletters an average of at least twice per month
  21. Clear off a new country on my Scratch Map
  22. Watch 10 classic movies from the list in my 101 Things to Do Before You Die book*
  23. Get a proper photo album together each of my high school and university years

Have a suggestion to add to the above, or are working on your own 2016 bucket list? I’d love to hear about it! Comment below or email

*yes, this is an affiliate link, because I adore this book and really do think you need it – it plays a huge part in what Full Of Living is.