Introducing: #trustinhumanityTuesday

faith in humanity tuesday

Monday mornings are easy – you’ve had two days of rest, all of Sunday to prepare, and you can pep yourself up with some “new week, new me” mantras and all of the #motivationMonday posts in your feed.

So let’s be honest, Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Like Monday, you’ve still got more than half the week stretched out in front of you, except now you’ve got some unfinished business from the day before, you didn’t get enough sleep, and some jerk has probably cut you off in traffic (I hope that means the same thing everywhere else as it does in Australia).

So I’m here to introduce Trust in Humanity Tuesday*.

Every Tuesday, I’ll be bringing you a story, video or picture that I’ve found throughout the week – something that will make you stop thinking about the guy who took your park or the unfriendly receptionist, and remember that humans are actually pretty amazing/funny/helpful/caring.

I’ll be bringing you the first one next week – in the meantime sit tight with the video below (it should be mandatory to watch Kid President’s ‘Pep Talk’ once every 12 weeks), and don’t hesitate to tip me off if you’ve got a feel-good story for the coming weeks.

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*I know it’s usually “faith in humanity”, but I’m a sucker for alliteration.

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