I’m a Resolutionist.

It’s the beginning of a new year. Gyms and social diaries will be full, people will leave miserable jobs, and Facebook and Instagram feeds will temporarily resemble self-help books. Everybody’s happy and optimistic.

And then there are the people who post this:

These people really bug me. Because do you know what? Yep, the 1st of January is just another day. You don’t actually need to wait for a new year to make changes and goals. Yes the gym will be quiet and the pubs full by March. But if there’s one day in the year that makes people want to be better, how do you justify complaining about that? Life is what you make it. Give it a try.

I’m proud to be a resolutionist. With varying degrees of success, I’ve set at least one new year resolution every year since I’ve know what they were.

So for accountability’s sake, here are my resolutions for 2014. Help me stick to them.

  1. Skip the country
    Not long term or anything, but this year I want to travel to somewhere I haven’t been. And as much as I love the country, a different Fijian island doesn’t count. Top priority is Japan – I’ve always wanted to go, and by July my aunty will have lived in Nagahama for 2 years and I’ll be the only family member who hasn’t been over yet – but will settle for something cheaper like Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia.
  2. Do the cap and gown thing.
    Yes, graduating is one of my goals this year. That probably sounds a little silly, but you have no idea how tempted I am to defer for a semester, mainly to get some money together for number 1. But I only have two semesters to go, so I’m opting to knuckle down so I can have my Bachelor’s degree in my hand by December.
  3. Focus on being happy
    In 2013 I worked my butt off and made a lot of good things happen, but also let myself get ridiculously stressed. This year I’m going to work on balance – I’ll (try to) worry less, have more fun, see my family more often and put more effort into my friendships while working towards the plan for once I’ve achieved number 2.
  4. Update this blog regularly.
    Let’s aim for weekly, but also be realistic and accept monthly.

Let’s make 2014 wonderful. What are your resolutions?

To start you off, here’s my “happy song” for 2014 (I choose one at the start of every year).
Perfect for when I’m winning at life and motivational for when things suck.

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