Having It All: Part II

Time for Part II of my tips on how to have time for everything as a marketing/communication student! (Read Part I here)

Take public transport
I’ll admit, I wish I’d brought  a car to Brisbane and I miss driving. But not only does it save you money on registration, insurance and fuel and save time on trying to find a park at uni, but taking public transport gives you extra time to catch up on study, which is something you couldn’t do in the car.

Find something that keeps you sane
I considered just saying “go for a run” here but I know that’s not everyone’s shot of tequila. All through high-school I was one of the last ones picked for sport teams, would come up with any excuse not to do the beep-test… but then in my first year at uni I started boot camp and never looked back. The exercise made me happier and healthier, and I made some great friends who have been such a positive influence in my life.  While I do recommend exercise here (nothing beats the endorphins and energy) find something that is separate from the rest of your life, and dedicate a few hours to it every week. Let yourself be distracted by something that makes you happy and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll become productive in every other facet of your life.

Write write write
If you really, truly believe you don’t have time to intern (you do, but suit yourself) then you need to get your presence up, pronto, because you need something to show to prove you’re as awesome as you say you are. So start writing! Find a spare few hours a week (come on, we all know you have them) and post to your own blog, contribute some articles to a magazine or even write some reviews (where relevant). You could even do it on the bus.
Bonus: It’ll give you some original content to share on Twitter and LinkedIn too.

Feel like I missed something? How do you mantain the work/study/intern/social life balance? Let me know in the comments or by tweeting at @jessiminhorder

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