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I am obsessed with crowdfunding websites. I love that anyone with an idea or cause can put it to the world, and people with money to burn can come along and help them launch their dream, support their families and in some cases, seriously improve the world. Or produce a Veronica Mars movie.

I love the moments of “anyone could have thought of that, but only this guy did” (like the Ship Your Enemies Glitter guy? $50 at Officeworks for glitter and envelopes turned into a business he sold for $85,000) and the sheer entertainment value of some of the weirder campaigns.

Unfortunately I’m yet to come up with my 50c business idea, so for now I’m just going to keep putting small donations towards other people’s projects (I also love that an insignificant $6 turns significant when hundreds of people give too). I’m all for supporting local small business, so here are some of my current favourite Australia-based Kickstarter and Pozible campaigns to get behind:

F**k the Card Game
I am a huge sucker for card and board games – especially ones that can be improved by alcohol. My family and friends are well and truly sick of my Pictionary obsession, and F**k looks like the perfect replacement. The game uses science and swear words (seriously, watch the kickstarter video below) and I can’t wait to play.

Retro Video Game Table… in a WINE BARREL
Again with the games/booze combinations, but seriously, who doesn’t at least sort-of want one of those retro coffee tables with built-in arcade games? This one is in half a wine barrell, so it looks way classier than the standard Pacman-emblazoned variety – click here to check it out.

Sheep Clocks
Because why not? Admit it, they’re pretty cute. I’m thinking about getting one for my desk at work. And also, if it’s someone’s dream to branch out and make a whole range of farm-animal clocks, who am I to hold them back?

Extreme Gourmet
Although I haven’t gone camping in a long time, I used to regularly set up in the rainforest with my friends, a fire… and a few too many types of canned food. Sonya is putting together a recipe book of food that is easy to store, transport and cook, whether you’re a casual weekend wanderer or a serious trekker.

Postcards from Australia
I personally don’t want any postcards from Bondi Beach, but I love what Nick is trying to do here. When was the last time you received an actual postcard, as opposed to just following your friends’ adventures on Instagram? Sign up for your own slip of sunshine, and be inspired to send your friends a beautiful, handwritten piece of cardboard next time you’re away.
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Got a million dollar idea you’re trying to get funded, or a favourite project you’ve supported in the past? I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments or at

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