This is why we CAN have nice things – why a JORD wooden watch is my new essential

How a wooden watch is making my life easier (yes, really).


One of the reason I’m so big on improvement and development is that I’m actually a bit useless at the whole adult thing. I like being lazy, I’m pretty careless and I’m definitely not elegant – the phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things” could have been invented by my mother or partner to describe me.

When hiking I will scoot across a boulder on my butt and tear a hole in my tights.

I cringe when people buy me nice earrings, because I know there’s a solid chance I’ll pack them for a holiday and one of them will never return.

That’s why I get excited when I find something that is life proof (or at least Jessi-proof) but still looks sophisticated – letting me fool people into thinking I really have this whole professional adult thing down.

Recently the lovely people at JORD sent me a unique watch that fits the bill, and looks just as at home on the wrists (and blogs) of wonderfully stylish people as they do here – win-win all round (extra win – you can score a $75 voucher towards your own. Just read on).

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The Frankie 35 in zebrawood and navy is beautiful and has become a daily essential – I’ve barely taken it off my wrist since it arrived. The dark wood tones in the band and navy face mean it’s practically a neutral and goes well with anything – especially the pops of red that I regularly fall back on (life hack: wear red lipstick and everyone will think you’ve made a special effort that day, especially if your handbag is also red).

neutral watch navy face goes with everything

As if managing to strike the balance of making a feminine, not-chunky women’s watch from wood didn’t make it unique enough (the compliments haven’t stopped flowing at work), the characteristics of each of the sustainably sourced woods they use mean that no two pieces are the same – each has completely different markings and patterns. I actually love having that on my wrist, rather than flawless metal or coloured leather in other watches. It sounds super cheesy, but it’s nice to have earthy materials around, especially when you spend the working week in a mostly white office with no natural lighting – sort of like you’re bringing a bit of nature inside.

Being a pretty addition to my look-put-together-without-trying wardrobe aside, it also ticks all the low-maintenance/durability boxes:

Face made from scratch-resistant ‘sapphire glass’ ✔
Wood hides scratches so much better than metals ✔
Can be cleaned with just lemon or orange extract oil ✔
Quality Swiss movement (but there’s a 1 year warranty if anything goes wrong) ✔
Splash proof ✔
Gorgeous without having a giant “STEAL ME” sign – I’m yet to be pick-pocketed overseas, but I feel like this thing is the perfect travel watch ✔


I’m stoked with my Frankie 35, but JORD do a wide range of men’s and women’s watches in other great styles, so there’s something for everyone – and I’m giving away a US$75 (AU$97) voucher towards one of your own! All you have to do is click here – you’ll even score a US$20 (AU$26) voucher just for entering.

Good luck!

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This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but everything in this post is 100% my honest opinion – I really love this thing. For more information on my advertising and PR policy, click here.

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Wooden Wristwatch

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