Things To Do On The Gold Coast: iFly Indoor Skydiving

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Activewear, activewear, indoor skydiving in my activewear 🎵 … sorry

Getting High: iFly Indoor Skydiving

A little over three years ago, I went tandem skydiving. A sign on the wall said “WARNING: skydiving is a high risk activity which may result in loss of job, spouse, sobriety, virginity, vast amounts of money… and oh yeah, you can die.”

Brandon, my brother and I all went together, and we all swore we’d go back to get ourselves on our way to an A license. And then we never went back. Largely because a) it’s expensive (worth it, but not really an every week or month activity for most of us) and b) you can die. The sign is pretty spot on.

But luckily, there are geniuses out there who decided to put epic wind machines indoors and give you the chance to play on air in total safety at a fraction of the cost.

The closest of said geniuses is (for me) iFly Indoor Skydiving on the Gold Coast, so last weekend Brandon and I set out to give it a crack.

After a quick intro video and a demonstration of the correct body position, we wriggled into our super sexy jumpsuits and goggles (I was particularly smug about this, as Brandon is usually excellent at finding ways to get out of whatever daggy equipment is required for things – life jackets, helmets, you name it – click here for proof) and our instructor, Tim, led us into the tunnel.

Everything that came after was a rush, in every sense of the word – the second the wind was turned on, when it was my turn(s) to fall face first into the rushing air, the (kinda shortlived) moment I realised I was actually flying on my own, when Tim took me spinning to the top of the tunnel, and when we walked out the door with the awesome feeling of having started our weekend early and with a new experience (Stefania is onto something. If you haven’t discovered The Something New yet, click here). I was all butterflies and big smiles for the entire day.

ifly indoor skydiving gold coast

We’re both already itching to go back to iFly (Brandon to refine his skills, me to get some skills – more on that below) and have been raving about it to friends and family – I’m thinking it’s the perfect alternative for my I’ll-never-jump-out-of-a-plane Dad.

Thinking of giving indoor skydiving it a go? Here’s what you need to know:

    1. Skydiving makes you cool AF. Yes, even if it’s indoors.
    2. It is so, so safe. Anyone from age 3 to 103 can do it – the youngest in our class was a total cutie who would have been around 4-5 years old, and the oldest was a man probably twice my age. If you’re not confident, your instructor can grab hold of you at any time.
    3. This is how the tunnel works.
    4. Just embrace the goofy grin – it’s easier to smile the whole time than to battle wobbling cheeks as you try to keep a straight face!
    5. If you’re as uncoordinated and hopeless at relaxing as I am, abandon all notions that this is an effortless, floating-on-air experience. It is perfectly likely that you will bump into the walls, almost accidentally flip over, and stumble as you get out of the tube… but that’s cool, because so does everybody else and you’ll still have a lot of fun.

      iFly Indoor Skydiving | Brisbane Lifestyle Blogger
      Tim’s hand signal means “relax.” Not my strong point.
    6. There’s very likely to be”that guy” who is good at everything first go. In our little group, that was Brandon. After a brief moment where he dove for his life to get out of the way of B’s lanky legs (love you babe, soz), Tim just stepped back and let him do his thing. Insider knowledge tells me Brandon just got lucky and literally fell into the right position, so don’t feel bad.Things to Do On The Gold Coast: iFly Indoor Skydiving
    7. You’ll make friends with total strangers – sharing nervous grins, goofy moments, lots of high fives and applause bonds people.
    8. You will get to “fly”longer than you would in a “real” skydive.
    9. It’s fun. And addictive. Have I said it’s fun yet?
    10. If you keep practicing (and it gets cheaper the more you fly, so you’re basically making money no?) you might be able to pull some of this off one day:

iFly Indoor Skydiving has locations in Sydney and Surfers Paradise, with Perth coming soon and more venues around the world. Click here to find your closest location and pricing, and send me your dishevelled wind tunnel photos – I showed you mine, showing me yours is only polite 😉

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Disclaimer: Full of Living was a guest of iFly Indoor Skydiving, but rest assured my review is completely honest – I’ll never say I loved something if I didn’t. For my full disclaimer, click here.

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  1. Jessi, Congrats. Your tale of flight was fabulous and so very accurate. Addictive did you say? I suspect I am probably older than your folks and got so hooked on this not long after it opened in Sydney that I have since taken up flying on a weekly basis. Not co-ordinated you say? I’m with you sister but you gain a little more skill each time. Hope you get the chance to continue with this awesome sport. A great read 🙂

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