The Month That Was: February

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I am well and truly overdue for this, but February was too quietly lovely to not give it the recap post it deserves.

For me, February started in Newcastle – we flew down for a friend’s superhero-themed 30th, but since we both have family there we spent the weekend seeing family (and their dogs), exploring antique shops, desperately trying to find Brandon a costume an hour before the party (he settled on Spongebob – don’t ask), eating LOTS, meeting up with friends who also happened to be around, and spontaneously going bowling… still in costume.

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I made some progress on my 2015 bucket list and mission to collect experiences. I ate my first ever dragonfruit (yum!), found an excuse to dress up as Sailor Venus, bought a hula hoop, purchased “Drawing on The Right Side of the Brain” (admittedly I’m yet to start) and finished 4 books.


Brandon and I had our first proper Valentines Day in years, and my parents found an orphaned wallaby in the paddock, but gave it over to a wildlife carer before I had the chance to come down and visit.

For work, I went to 5 different blogger/foodie events, including one at Chase Kojima’s new restaurant, Kiyomi, on the Gold Coast (freaking amazing). Two were for a temporary PR client – both went so well, and I’m sad to say goodbye to them.

Unfortunately there were some less than lovely moments too. We were supposed to go to Brandon’s grandfather’s funeral, which was sad enough, but thanks to Tropical Cyclone Marcia, Jetstar cancelled our flight to Melbourne so we were unable to attend. My thoughts are with the families who are dealing with much worse than just a cancelled trip thanks to the storm.

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The month ended in my home town in country New South Wales. I went to a very small school and we all scattered in very different directions after graduation, but at the end of February we all get back together for Rick’s birthday/an informal reunion. The entire weekend was a much-needed two days of country town pub meals, dirt roads, Scrabble and baking with mum, and spending time with people who knew me when I was 12. The drinks were plenty, the shoes were off and the photos were blurry, but that’s why it was perfect – so for anyone who thinks the below photos aren’t blogworthy, #sorrynotsorry.

I’ll be happy if March is half as nice!

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