Red wine brownies & more: 3 of my favourite boozy recipes


I have an alcohol problem.

I’m not an alcoholic or anything. It’s just that when I bake, I seem to always drift towards recipes laced with wine, vodka or something else only accessible to those of legal drinking age. – I figure if you’re going to go all out and indulge in loads of sugar and butter, you may as well spike it for good measure.

Just in time for the festive season, I’ve put three of my favourite alcoholic baking recipes in one place for you. They’re all 3+ years old, so you know they’re tried and tested by not just me, but looooads of other people – enjoy!

1 – Bourbon Choc Chip Cookies by Gimme Some Oven (pictured top of post)

My friends tease me for “drinking like a boy” because I love bourbon – I feel like t. Also think these would work well with spiced rum – if anyone gives that a shot let me know!

2 – Red Wine Chocolate Fudge Brownies by Butter Me Up Brooklyn

Twitter went nuts for red wine brownies a few weeks ago – I saw one article calling them the best invention of 2016, but I’ve been making them for years thanks to this amazing recipe! I use extra wine in the glaze, but don’t mess with the brownie batter itself as they won’t set. A strong, dark red works best but I made a decent batch with a nice pinot noir

Image: Butter Me Up Brooklyn
Image: Butter Me Up Brooklyn


3 – Margarita Cupcakes by Brown Eyed Baker

These babies were the very first boozy treats I tried my hand at, and secured my place as possibly the favourite intern years ago. I ended up working for that company, so I’m not saying these doses of fluffy cake, zesty lime, a good splash of tequila will help your career, but I’m also not going to say they won’t.

Image: Brown Eyed Baker

If you end up making any of the above deliciousness over the silly season, don’t forget to tweet me @fullofliving to let me know how it goes, or tag me in your Instagram posts! Do you have a favourite boozy recipe I should try? Let me know in the comments!

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