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I’ve spent the last few months wondering what the heck to do with this blog. Should I take it down? Keep it, but change it so it’s anonymous? As this post (and the last two) are showing, I haven’t done either of those things.

It was originally one of the many blogs that I was forced to create for a first-year uni assignment, and from there evolved into a kind of portfolio to help get my foot in the door – lots of my previous posts are very career/industry focussed. Now that I’ve graduated and already have a job, the “web-presence” we were all lectured on is a little less essential. Hence the considering getting rid of it.

In the end, I’ve decided to keep it – simply because I love to write, and I don’t do it for myself nearly often enough.

I’m one of those extraordinarily lucky people who gets to do a shit load of it in my job – social media, blogs, website copy, email marketing campaigns and endless emails.

The catch with work, though, is that I write in everyone’s voice but my own. I write as if I’m a middle-aged woman nostalgic for the past, as if I’m a glamorous 20-something who goes out for cocktails every weekend, like I’m trying to rank for SEO, and in most cases, like I’m funnier than I actually am.

I’m a big believer in the idea that creativity can’t be exhausted (though it may have brain-farts from time to time). The more you use, the more you’ll have. The more I write for (and as) myself, the better I’ll get at writing for a quirky cafe, and vice versa.

origin_3211921095And as for not making it anonymous – if you don’t want your mother to read it and know it was you, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

The new direction could probably be called a “lifestyle blog,” although the pretty people with their DSLRs and OTDs would probably disagree. Expect lots of food, books, and a documentation of my efforts to have as happy and interesting a life as possible. Since I’m no longer preoccupied by documenting my professional development and trying to impress potential employers, subject matter may jump from travel to kittens to coffee and occasionally dip into my work. So let’s be honest – I’m potentially going to be a lot more interesting now.

And with no more uni, I have so much more time for activities! Next post is soon to come. If you want to keep me accountable and make sure I keep up the appearances (please do), you can reach me at

Full of Living

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