Cauliflower Recipes You Need in Your Life

Cauliflower recipes

Cauliflower recipes

Getting back my fit, 2012, boyfriend-in-Afghanistan-for-six-months-and-I-had-too-much-time-on-my-hands body is on my list for this year. 2015 me is going about getting it a different way, however. And that way is low carb.

I realize how tragic this sounds. Once you rule out grapefruits and the ice cream cleanse, Atkins is the easy target of all diet jokes. I’m not on the Atkins diet, nor Healthy Inspirations or paleo. I’m basically just eating lots of protein and even more veggies, with nuts and the occasional piece of fruit thrown in. Like clean eating, but with cheese and a relaxed attitude to treating yo’self.

After two years of trainers saying “you need more fuel!” and prescribing brown rice with every meal, this took some getting used to. Unfortunately starchy carbs aren’t nicotine and they don’t make quitting patches, so I’ve been making do with a certain white veggie who has been my transition buddy over the last 5 weeks: cauliflower.

Every health nut worth their spinach knows about cauli-rice (and if you don’t, just blitz it in a food processor then microwave) but there are so many other I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-potato things to do with it! Below are the cauliflower recipes you need to add to your repertoire:

Pete Evans’ Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie | Good Food Australia

Cauliflower recipes shepherds pie
Photo credit: Mark Roper

I’m eating this as I type. This is one of those wonderful dishes that tastes even better as leftovers, and get’s the not-so-health-conscious male’s tick of approval, which is great because it makes a LOT. I prefer make it with beef, not lamb.

Cauliflower Fried Rice | Nom Nom Paleo

cauliflower fried rice recipe
Photo credit: Nom Nom Paleo

So this is technicaly cauli-rice, but it’s cauli-rice on steroids. I’ve made it work without the coconut aminos and vinegar, and with prawns instead of bacon – follow the basics then tweak to suit.

Cauliflower Pizza Base | The Lucky Penny

Photo credit: The Lucky Penny
Photo credit: The Lucky Penny

Admittedly I’m yet to make this work without having to use a knife and fork it eat it, but it’s pizza minus the 4-months-pregnant bloat.

Cauliflower bake

I haven’t included a recipe because there are too many all-too-similar options, almost none of them as healthy as I’d like to be for the time being. If you have a favourite, please let me know!

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