#TrustInHumanityTuesday, and The Love/Hate Tag


This is usually the part where I’d do an entire Trust In Humanity Tuesday post, but I’ll save you the reading and just say, can we get a hells yeah for the outpouring of support for the little kid blowing up Humans of New York this week?

Side note, how great is this show? I’ve just binge-watched the lot in the last few weeks.

That awesomeness speaks for itself, so for today’s post I’m finally getting around to the Love/Hate tag, which Joana from 100 Things I Love nominated me for. It’s a super simple concept – list 10 things you love, 10 things you hate, and 10 bloggers who you’d like to see follow suit.

These things are only fun when they’re kept light-hearted, but I’ve seen a few passive aggressive tweets about these posts being very “first world.” So let’s just assume all important bases like family, my appreciation for being born in a country like Australia, and a hatred for war etc. all go without saying, and agree not to be dicks to each other 🙂

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Shiny New Domain Name

laptop and coffee


I umm-ed and aah-ed for a long time about whether or not to move my WordPress site to a new domain. I wasn’t sure if it was worth investing time (and money) into it, as I’m definitely not trying to make a career or even a profit out of this.

As you can see, after a very frustrating DIY job it’s here! Here’s why I eventually took the plunge:

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