Introducing the 2016 Bucket List


Hi guys!

I’m not entirely back on the blogging bandwagon (will be making my proper return very soon, promise), but I am temporarily coming out of the woodwork to share my ‘bucket list’ of things I want to achieve in 2016.

These lists have become a bit of a tradition for me. I’m one of those people who LOVES New Year’s Eve and the thought of starting fresh for a year, but have realised over time that when I decide I want to make a change in my life I generally just do it – no need to wait for January 1 or even a Monday – so even though I still make them, new year’s resolutions lost a bit of their shine, and this list took over, giving me adventures and achievements for the year to come (as long as I get off my ass and do them).

If you haven’t been following me long, you can click here to find out more about why I write a yearly bucket list. If you have, you will probably recognise that most of this year’s list has been recycled from 2015. I’d like to be able to say that the reason so much of my 2015 bucket list is making a reappearance is because I loved it all and want to do it again, but it’s actually because I achieved very little from the list.

As annoying as it is to know I set out to complete a list and didn’t even get halfway there, I’m actually pretty OK with it, as I still did a lot in 2015.

I didn’t climb Mount Warning, but I did climb to the top of Mount Vesuvius above Naples. I didn’t jump around any of the trampoline parks that popped up last year, but I did jump off a boat into the Aegean Sea off Santorini. I didn’t go to see a movie at the drive in, but I did see AC/DC in concert. I didn’t get anything from Etsy, but I did get a (slightly feral but very cute) cat. All of those things are much cooler. Plus, I did still tick a few things off the list, like ensuring I made it to GOMA at least once per season, and finding an excuse to dress up as Sailor Venus.

Anyhow, click here to see my slightly-recycled-but-also-sort-of-new 2016 bucket list, and stay tuned for updates on my progress. And please let me know if you’re working your way through something similar, I’d love to hear about it!

x J

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