Australia Day, feat. Lamington Pancake Stacks.

I love Australia Day. As much as our national holiday gets a bad rap, there’s just something that sets it apart from our other long weekends. There’s no pressure for it to be a religious/serious/family-based affair – just the last public holiday of summer where you’re allowed to eat as much pie, prawns and pavlova as you want, listen to Cold Chisel and INXS (and the Hottest 100, but only after the first 50 dud songs are over)

Last year my family came to Brisbane to spend it with us, so I spent hours making Lamington biscuits. But we’re having a fairly quiet Australia Day this year, which means I had to limit myself in my catering.

I still wanted something lamington-y (because who doesn’t want chocolate, coconut cream and jam?) and in the end I did a bit of improvisation. While Brandon cleaned the BBQ so that it’d be ready for dinner, I made these babies for brunch:


The beauty of these are that there’s no “proper” way to make them, and you could probably throw them together with whatever you had in the pantry. They’d also be extremely easy to make “clean” or paleo, but I was feeling a little more traditional (read: indulgent) so I took this approach.


-2 cups self-raising flour
-1 1/2 cups milk
-2 tsp vanilla extract
-1 egg
-1/3 cup sugar
-1/4 tsp baking powder
– Small amount of butter (just for frying)
-Chocolate of your preference
-Small carton of pure cream
-Jam of your choosing. Although you know anything but strawberry will be un-Australian.
-Dessicated coconut
-Fruit (optional – I used thawed-out frozen cherries)

1. Whisk milk, egg and vanilla extract together in a small jug.
2. Sift flour and baking powder into a bowl, then stir in sugar. Make a well in the centre, pour in milk mixture then combine well.
3. Heat frying pan over medium heat and cover well with a small amount of butter. Pour pancake mixture in a bit at a time – how much depends on the size pancake you want. Flip when lots of bubbles come to the service, and then cook for just a minute more.

cooking collage4. Put cooked pancakes aside, and pour cream into a bowl, keeping a few tablespoons aside for the chocolate sauce. Add a splash of vanilla essence and a small amount of sugar if desired, and use electric beaters to whip on high until the cream is fluffy and peaks hold.
5. Put chocolate into another bowl, breaking it up first if you’re using a block. Put in microwave, for 30 seconds, pulling out to stir every 15 seconds. Repeat until only a few lumps remain – they’ll melt themselves and you won’t burn it this way. Stir in the remaining cream slowly – if you’d prefer a thicker, almost paste-like chocolate, don’t add any.

Turns out Brandon's camera doesn't like close-ups, but I realised this a tad too late.
Turns out Brandon’s camera doesn’t like close-ups, but I realised this a tad too late.

6. Assembly time! Make sure they pancakes are cool before you start stacking, and if not, stick them in the fridge for a while. I didn’t the first time, the cream went runny (no one wants icky, lumpy warm cream) and the stack was more of a swamp. Exhibit A:


6 cont. Start with any bigger pancakes on the bottom. Add a layer of jam, then chocolate sauce, a sprinkle of the dessicated coconut. Top with another pancake and repeat for as many layers as you want. Finish with more chocolate and a generous shaking of coconut.

Ta da! I’m now all sugared out and hanging out for tonight’s BBQ, but it was worth it. These babies would be fine for brunch any day of the year, or for dessert tonight if you want to be a proper ‘strayan and have them on Australia Day itself.

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