9 Things No One Told Me About Apartment Life


Today marks two years of living in our apartment.

Because I was moving in with Brandon and everyone saw it as somewhat more permanent than the revolving door of units, flatmates and vodka I’d lived in since moving to Brisbane for uni, I was given a lot of warnings and questions about continued apartment life:

“But what if you want a dog?”
“Will you have enough space?”
“You know, you could get an entire three bedroom house for less rent…”

I was prepared for the disproportionate pricing, the lack of space, and the wanting a pet thing (pet-friendly apartment = sorted), but there was a lot that no one told me about the realities of moving into a “real” apartment complex, with normal adults going about their business, rather than students on a 52 week bender (I lived in Urbanest for a year once. Most surreal 12 months of my life)

So if you’re about to embark on apartment life (or a house-dweller wondering how the rest of us live), here are some of the highlights and downsides to living in large complexes – don’t say no one warned you.

1. It can ruin your dinner plans
Somedays you’ll think you have dinner sorted. Until the elevator takes you up and you smell the epic lasagna from heaven someone on level 5 is having, and suddenly whatever you had planned won’t do.

2. You can bond with your downstairs neighbours over wine, BBQs and bubble wands without ever properly meeting them
Trust me on this – it’s possible. Just lean over your balcony on a Saturday afternoon with glass of wine in hand.

3. It will make you feel broke AF
Seeing other people in your building who pay the same rent as you but are clearly much richer will make you reconsider the proportion of your wage that you spend to live there, and how sensible it is. s

4. Maintenance guys aren’t as jolly as in the New York sit-coms
Nor as helpful. They usually just call a plumber or an electrician, and have you pay for both.

5. Being 8 floors up won’t stop your cat getting fleas
But it will stop the ants, mosquitoes and spiders from reaching you, so that’s a win.

6. Trying to rent out your spare car space is a fierce game of supply, demand, and undercutting your competitors
All about dat timing.

7. It will make you feel crap about your social life
In a complex with over 400 apartments, most filled with 25-35 year olds with no kids, there is ALWAYS something happening. And a communal pool area and multitude of balconies means it’s usually somewhere you can hear it, so you either feel left out, or just want them to shut the hell up so you can enjoy Netflix

 8. …but it will also make you feel pretty good about it
When you have plans too, the vibe of the place is admittedly pretty awesome. And when you don’t, there’s always the multiple walks/elevator rides of shame every Saturday and Sunday morning to amuse you.


9. Locking yourself out of your apartment isn’t the end of the world because the receptionist has a key
But it gets very expensive after 6pm and on Sundays, when you have to call the security contractors.

Did I miss anything? What have your apartment-living highlights and nightmares been?

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