9 Things Making Me Happy Lately

9 days

Both this weekend and last have been pretty fantastic, and the working week in between wasn’t too bad either! In my mission to be more mindful (still haven’t managed to complete that challenge – don’t judge) and appreciative, I’ve sat down to think about the things that have made me happy over the last week or so – from premiere tickets to the little things like fruit.

Some of them have already popped up on Instagram, but a few (like my daggy brother grinning in front of a Hungarian bread stand) are happy, imperfect outtakes still sitting on my phone. What’s been making you happy lately? I’d love to hear!

  1. Sunday: Scout. This cat is a furry menace (and photobomber) but she makes lazy weekends at home 200% better.
  2. Monday: I had my first mandarin of the season! I always forget how fantastic winter citrus is until it comes around again.
  3. Tuesday: my new bag. I’m notorious for both carrying way too much stuff around and treating my handbags badly, so it always makes me happy when I find one that looks great, fits my laptop and can take a bashing – and it was only $60 (expensive ones just die quicker). Unfortunately I can’t find it online to link you over that way ):
  4. Wednesday: discovering old favourites that I forgot about. I was tidying drawers and found these Paddywax jars which started my love affair with soy wax candles. The gardenia and tuberose is my favourite – buy it here.
  5. Thursday: the Brisbane premiere of AbsintheI have never seen a show so hilarious, stunning and politically incorrect in my life. The acrobats were incredibly talented and serious fitspo fodder (anyone who’s been a reader for a while will know about my acrobat obsession) and the MCs had the whole house in tears of laughter. The Huffington Post said “if you only see one show in your life, make it Absinthe.” The show is currently touring Australia – see it if you can!
  6. Friday: GoMA. Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art is my happy place. I dropped in on my way home for a wander through ‘We Can Make Another Future.’
  7. Saturday: where to start? Saturday was lovely. I set up the reception room for a stunning friend-of-a-friend’s wedding, went to the markets, grabbed these gorgeous flowers, caught the ferry home and then my family came to visit.
  8. Sunday: Eat Street Markets with the family. Sunday was my brother’s (pictured) first time at Eat Street – we headed in at 10am before the crowds and had a brunch of dumplings, croquettes, fudge and more, AND I got a new candle.
  9. Monday: perfect weather. I farewelled the long weekend with a picnic in South Bank with friends. Brisbane seriously turned on the weather – Queensland winters FTW.

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  1. Great post! It’s so healthy to find some positive about each and every day. I think today mine would be relaxing in the garden enjoying the sunshine! (Yep, Scotland got a few hours of sun today!!)

    Sarah xx


    1. I agree! Definitely came in handy to look back at this when today was a little less fantastic haha. Glad you managed to find some sun, I hope more comes your way!

  2. I love that you’re taking the time to appreciate the little things – it’s something we all need to do more of! Fresh fruit, finding forgotten gems, and a perfect day thanks to Mother Nature. Great post! x

    1. Don’t know how I missed your comment, sorry lovely! Glad you enjoyed it – I manage to find little positives every day (no matter how bad) but taking the time to write about them really reinforces it 🙂 x

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