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7 Reasons I’m Obsessed with Secret Bottle

I love wine and I really want to learn more about it, but I hate shopping for it. A lot.

I will wander around bottle shops (sorry, liquor stores) for an embarrassing amount of time, trying not to judge things by the label design and/or price tag before buying something that is basically a compromise between the two (not too expensive, but not too tacky either*).

And then once I get it home, I rarely finish the bottle. Not because I’ve gone in blind and found something I don’t like, but because Brandon doesn’t drink it (although I’m still trying to find one he likes) and I’m not the type to polish a bottle off by myself on an average night at home. This has always made traditional wine subscription services seem a little impractical and a huge waste.

But recently I’ve found something that solves all my problems – the Secret Bottle Wine Tasting Club.

Unlike other wine clubs which send you 3-6 full-sized bottles every month, in Secret Bottle’s tasting package I receive three small vials of boutique wine with accompanying tasting notes.

Here’s 7 reasons I’m in love with their concept
(and no, they haven’t paid/gifted me anything to say this – I fork out my monthly subscription fee like everyone else #worthit)

  1. It fits in my mailbox so I never get “failed to deliver” slips
  2. Their tasting notes are actually helpful if you’re like me and you’re trying to get better at working out exactly what’s going on in your mouth! So many that I’ve come across are just the winery’s spin about fruit notes, but the scales on Secret Bottle’s card drill down into acidity, dryness etc in a way that is detailed and makes sense.
  3. If I don’t like one of the wines, I haven’t paid for an entire bottle of the stuff. And if I do, it’s super easy to re-order (and your Tasting Pack will then be free, yay!)
  4. For every monthly subscription, they provide a month of clean water to someone in Ethiopia.
  5. Each vial is only 60mL, or 0.8 standard drinks – perfect guilt-free serve for a Sunday afternoons (I don’t think this is what they intended, but I’ll take it)
  6. The packaging is gorgeous. If you’re looking for those real “nice gift from me, to me” feels, this has you covered.
  7. If at any point I start being a real adult, I can upgrade to their traditional Bottle Club.

I’m trying not just new wineries, but often varieties I usually wouldn’t pick. So far this has resulted in two chardonnays, which I once would have avoided like the plague but have actually enjoyed – and best of all, Brandon has liked them too (I’ll get him onto wine yet). September’s pack also had an awesome grüner veltliner which I loved but never would have thought to try when I’m doing my usual laps of the riesling, rose and pinot grigio aisles.


If you’re in Australia, you can sign up for Secret Bottle Wine Club here (I think they still do 50% off your first!).

Would love to hear any recommendations of other drops, so leave your favourites in the comments (I might even get the bottle :P)

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*Although there are exceptions to this, like the time I bought my Dad AC/DC Moscato – “with peach notes for the lady rock fan.”

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