31 Ways to Avoid Sunday Evening Regret

Colouring my new @omarabooks while talking to the fam. Lots of nostalgia, way too much fun and working wonders for my tiny attention span

It’s Friday, and I am most definitely not getting down. Instead I’m sitting on the couch, tapping away at my laptop while pasta boils on the stove, and am settling in for an awesome weekend of no plans. And when I say no plans, I don’t mean spontaneous, throw-a-dart-at-a-map-and-go-get-a-cocktail-whereever-it-lands-or-road-trip-to-the-beach no plans, I mean for the first weekend in months and months, I have no commitments and no obligation to leave the house, and I am SO EXCITED FOR THAT.

Unfortunately, I know myself a little too well, and actually doing nothing/binge-watching a few series on Netflix (as amazing as it sounds right now) won’t actually made me happy – I will arrive at 7pm Sunday full of regret.

Humans like to accomplish things, no matter how tiny – it makes us feel happy and fulfilled. Luckily for myself (and for you, if you’ve reached a similar point of near-burnout and sorta-not-really want to spend a weekend doing nothing), a lifetime of being both creative and slightly lazy means I am an expert in doing things that teeter on the edge between nothing and something.

Below is a list you can refer back to on no-plan weekends, of 31 things you can do on a lazy weekend at home (some while watching Netflix) to make sure you don’t hate yourself on Monday morning* – small things that don’t feel like a chore, are kinda fun and give you a teeny sense of achievement. You go Glen Coco.

  1. Start a diet/healthy-eating kick – it’s still just eating like you would on a weekend, but you can feel like you’re achieving something.
  2. Or go the complete opposite direction, bake a cake and eat the whole thing yourself.
  3. Just cook something – preferably something new that you have to use an actual recipe book with gorgeous photos for.
    Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.25.42 pm
  4. Do a massive jigsaw puzzle – maybe I’m weird, but there is something so satisfying about plonking a puzzle piece in its place.
  5. Bring back snail mail and write a letter to a friend or relative.
  6. or to a complete stranger.
  7. Do some colouring.
  8. Watch a classic movie that’s been on your to-watch list for a while
  9. Try your hand at the Countries of The World test and see how many you can name in 15 minutes (I scored 111 the first time).
  10. Do a new exercise routine from Youtube.
  11. Tidy and clean all the surfaces in your house – with cheesy music playing so you can still enjoy it.
    ab fab
  12. Order takeout from somewhere new.
  13. Learn the cup song
  14. Practice doing your hair/makeup/nails.
  15. Go for a walk.
  16. List stuff you don’t want for sale online (check out what I’m selling off here #subtle)
  17. Read a fun self-help/motivational book like this one.
  18. Fix that thing on your blog that’s been bothering you.
  19. Schedule a week’s worth of tweets.
  20. Download Duolingo and start learning.
  21. Call someone you haven’t spoke to in a while.
  22. Clean out your “fuck it” drawer/box/shelf. If you have one, you know what it is. If you don’t, I salute you.
  23. Delete apps you don’t use, or unsubscribe from 5 email newsletters you never open anymore.
  24. Go for a leisurely trip to somewhere that does good coffee (but only good coffee – ain’t nobody got time to leave the house for Starbucks).
  25. Go through the photos on your phone or computer and order some prints – bring back actual “albums.”
  26. Stretch.
  27. Exfoliate.
  28. Self-tan.
  29. Clean the old receipts out of your wallet/purse/handbag.
  30. Try to teach your pet a new trick (or just to stay off the damn kitchen benches).
  31. Resist the urge to stay up late and try to reset your body clock.

*This doesn’t work if you do ALL of them. Then you’d still hate yourself

What’s on your agenda for the two days off? Let me know so I can live vicariously through you while I do my nails in front of Audrey Hepburn movies.

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