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I tried to write an intro to this post to justify it, buuutttt let’s be honest – this took me a week to write and was all I had time for in between the utterly ridiculously crazy (but good crazy) week I had at work.

Read on for 20 things that make me, me – from phobias to Disney to tequila.

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  1. I was born on a black Friday (Friday 13th).
  1. ….and I’m kind of an agnostic when it comes to superstition. I refuse to open an umbrella inside and have been known to throw new shoes across the room if I’ve found them on a bed, but I don’t stress too much if it happens anyway.
  1. I hold a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Public Relations
  1. ….and I’m always having to explain what that means.
  1. It mostly means that now I work as a communications and marketing consultant (which I love!).
  1. I’m one of those annoying women who have a problem with the word feminist. Yes, I believe women should have equal rights. I believe everyone should have equal rights. Why can’t “humanist” be a thing?
  1. I have a (slightly) younger brother and he’s one of the greatest people ever.

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  1. My parents had both myself and my brother before they were 20, and I’m incredibly proud of the way they raised us, the success they built for themselves, and that they’re helping to destroy the horrible stereotypes around teenage parents.
  1. I wear something pink every Wednesday.
  1. I’m obsessed with foxes. Mum thinks it’s because of the Animals of Farthing Wood. I actually got teary once when my brother killed one in a video game, and I desperately want one as a pet.
  1. I’m always the first person to suggest tequila shots on a night out.
  1. But I much more often stay home with my ridiculously huge collection of herbal teas. And mugs.


  1. I’ve been with Brandon since 2009. I thought he was a jerk for a month, then we went on a date to a bad movie and I’ve loved the idiot ever since <3
  1. He’s in the army, but I try not to be one of those girls who lets it define them.
  1. I love coffee but hate coffee breath, so I’m the office gum addict.
  1. I know what I want for my tattoo, and where… but three years after realizing I want it, I just can’t pick a font.
  1. I played saxophone for 6 years, and was nominated to play at Sydney Opera House twice.
  1. My favourite Disney movie is Mulan. My family even surprised me by theming my university graduation dinner around it, with Chinese food, lanterns, fireworks and the soundtrack playing when I arrived.
  1. I have a borderline phobia of teeth breaking. Mine or someone else’s, doesn’t matter. Open a beer bottle with your mouth and I will feel sick.
  1. I love kayaking and climbing mountains, but I don’t do it often enough.

Do we have any of the above in common?

In the interest of getting to know everyone better (or possibly delivering a one liner about yourself that you can’t work into a full-length blog post), I’d love to see your 20 facts!

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