Red wine brownies & more: 3 of my favourite boozy recipes


I have an alcohol problem.

I’m not an alcoholic or anything. It’s just that when I bake, I seem to always drift towards recipes laced with wine, vodka or something else only accessible to those of legal drinking age. – I figure if you’re going to go all out and indulge in loads of sugar and butter, you may as well spike it for good measure.

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Trust In Humanity Tuesday no.19 – red lights, Google translate and kick ass 11 year olds

#trustinhumanityTuesday is a regular series which brings you the best feel-good moments to be found across the internet. Want to find out the back story (and why it happens on Tuesday)? Click here.

faith in humanity restored

Welcome to the first Trust In Humanity Tuesday in a while. It’s been on hiatus, but I’ve brought it back this week because between the horrible crimes and tragic accidents in my part of the world lately, and the fact that we know there will be a whole lot of vileness and negativity no matter the result of the US election, I feel like we’re going to need it.

So here’s a new batch of feel good links to restore your faith in humanity – stock up for the week ahead.

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This is why we CAN have nice things – why a JORD wooden watch is my new essential

How a wooden watch is making my life easier (yes, really).


One of the reason I’m so big on improvement and development is that I’m actually a bit useless at the whole adult thing. I like being lazy, I’m pretty careless and I’m definitely not elegant – the phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things” could have been invented by my mother or partner to describe me.

When hiking I will scoot across a boulder on my butt and tear a hole in my tights.

I cringe when people buy me nice earrings, because I know there’s a solid chance I’ll pack them for a holiday and one of them will never return.

That’s why I get excited when I find something that is life proof (or at least Jessi-proof) but still looks sophisticated – letting me fool people into thinking I really have this whole professional adult thing down.

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How to Learn More About Wine Without Spending a Fortune


7 Reasons I’m Obsessed with Secret Bottle

I love wine and I really want to learn more about it, but I hate shopping for it. A lot.

I will wander around bottle shops (sorry, liquor stores) for an embarrassing amount of time, trying not to judge things by the label design and/or price tag before buying something that is basically a compromise between the two (not too expensive, but not too tacky either*).

And then once I get it home, I rarely finish the bottle. Not because I’ve gone in blind and found something I don’t like, but because Brandon doesn’t drink it (although I’m still trying to find one he likes) and I’m not the type to polish a bottle off by myself on an average night at home. This has always made traditional wine subscription services seem a little impractical and a huge waste.

But recently I’ve found something that solves all my problems – the Secret Bottle Wine Tasting Club.

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How to have the easiest picnic ever


I feel like October is the perfect time for picnics, no matter where you are in the world. In the northern hemisphere everyone’s getting excited about autumn leaves, pumpkins and tartan blankets. Down here, we’re making the most of the sun and warm weather before the heat gets completely insane.

Picnics are social, fun and eating outside is actually good for you, but so far this season, I’ve found it hard to organise one. People are happy to go out for breakfast,  sit in the park with sushi or even organise a full blown barbecue at home, but everyone seems to think picnics are hard. And I blame Pinterest.

These days, it’s like you didn’t actually have a picnic unless your perfect plaid blanket was covered in supermodel friends, an elaborate cheese platter and a butt load of pastel macarons with champagne flutes and silver knives. But let’s be real – you really just need some snacks, a patch of grass and just other person you really like.

Armed thanks to the lovely people at Talking Tables*, I think I’ve managed to find the perfect balance. Here are my tips for pulling together a picnic that looks cute AF and and takes next to no effort, so you can sit back and actually enjoy the food and sunshine.

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Running for Showgirl: sashes, speeches and woodchopping

At my parents’ place with Dad’s Clydesdale horse, Cruiser

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Since my last post, I’ve been busy running for Miss Showgirl in my country hometown – a few weeks of wearing a sash and floral dresses, answering questions about current affairs issues, chopping wood, getting valuable small talk practice. I’ll throw in a spoiler alert and say I’m proud to have been named runner up (hence the red sash), but here’s the story on how all of those things are related, a brief explanation of what ‘Miss Showgirl’ is (nothing to do with sequins, pin-up or burlesque!) and how it ties in to all of my talk about comfort zones on Instagram 😂

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Get Back In Shape: 4 Truth Bombs for “Formerly Fit Girls”


The Truth About Being A “Formerly Fit Girl”

At 6am tomorrow, I was supposed to go back to the boot camp that I used to know and love, after having two years off. To celebrate, yesterday I bought a new pair of Nike tights and a shiny new Nutribullet 900 (green smoothies, I’ve missed you). Today, I found out the whole thing was shut down a week ago.

I’m feeling pretty bummed.  Not just because a company/brand that I have spruiked and defended for years on end has shut down the boot camp and cancelled my membership without telling me (long story), but because now I’ve realised that if I’m going to get serious about this getting back to being my healthy, productive, early-bird former self, I’ll have to find a new gym or training group (I’m not the home workout, self-motivating type). After some convincing from the local club’s owner, I’ve just signed up for a trial at F45 Training so it’s safe to say I probably won’t be able to walk next week, and I’m terrified.

But at the same time as it terrifies me, it’s also a little bit liberating. Because I’ll be walking in as a complete newbie, rather than going back to my old stomping ground where people remember me as one of the fittest. It’s forced me to realise that I’m currently unfit, on my way to being fit. And not this Formerly Fit bullshit I’ve been telling myself.

Wondering wtf I’m talking about? I’ve been a Formerly Fit Girl for two years now. A Formerly Fit Girl (I’m making this definition up as I go, so bear with me) is someone who used to be in fantastic shape, and isn’t anymore – but doesn’t hesitate to remind people that she “used to be really fit.”

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Trust In Humanity Tuesday: Rio 2016 Edition

Rio 2016 Olympic Games faith in humanity restored

Faith in Humanity Restored – Olympics-style

I love the Olympics. The Parade of Nations, the pride on the face of the person chosen to light the olympic cauldron, Australia winning at things, young athletes crying tears of joy on the podium, and almost the entire world interested in the same thing at the same time – if you don’t get the warm and fuzzies from at least one of these things, you haven’t been watching long enough.

Sure, not everything has gone 100% smoothly and there have been scandals over everything from doping to mosquitoes, but together the Olympic and Paralympic values are Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality –  making it totally #TrustInHumanityTuesday-worthy.

Here are six different reasons to get inspired and think “holy shit humans are awesome,” courtesy of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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